Come feed and pet our beloved Alpacas! A great option for young kids! $5 dollars per person, make an appointment online or call/text 973-534-9260. Please arrive on time, fees are non-refundable.

Walk with our Alpaca


Come and join us for an Alpaca walk. Walking an alpaca is a peaceful and relaxing activity. You will learn some fascinating facts and how to handle our beautiful alpacas. Then each person over 12 years old in your group will be paired with one of our alpacas and take a 30-minute guided walk using a halter and lead line. The visitors 1-12 can be a companion for an extra charge. There will be plenty of time to bond, take pictures, and feed them. It is an experience to remember.                                    

Picnic with our Alpaca

Enjoy a relaxing picnic next to our lovely alpacas.

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